You are Ash, a thief intent on stealing from the grand magical academy. A 3D puzzle adventure game set in a magical fantasy world where you can steal the magic itself and recast it to your advantage. Find the exit, and pick up as much magic treasure along the way as your tiny urchin hands can grab.

*Some scenes are quite dark, you may need to adjust your monitor’s brightness.*

Download for PC (.exe)

WASD: Move.
Space: Jump.
Left Mouse Button: Left Hand Spell.
Right Mouse Button: Right Hand Spell. Press Q to show / hide

Developed by Shattered Moon Studio:
Design: Natasha Shelvey & Richard Stern
Level Design: Lukas McNamara & Richard Stern
Art: Alex Macallister, Lukas McNamara, Natasha Shelvey, & Michelle Wilson
Programming: Alyssa Biasi, Richard Stern, & Chris Stojanovic
Animation: Alex Macallister
Audio: Courtney Blackney